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One of the most recognizable domains in a $14 billion industry

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Internet Avenues, LLC, is offering the opportunity to lease the domain If the domain is available in your geographic location of the United States, you may lease for the purpose of traditional advertising and marketing of your business.

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Television promotion
Television promotion
Television promotion

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How it works

How it works
How it works

You’re probably wondering how you and a surgeon in another area can lease the same domain name. When a person visits, we approximate that person’s location based on a number of factors (such as the person’s public IP address, cell tower IDs, GPS information, a list of Wifi access points, signal strengths, MAC IDs, or the person’s inputted zip code). If the person is located in your leased territory, he or she will be forwarded to your website.

Protected Territory

  • Domain lease by county
  • Domain lease by state


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